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Robert Cohen

Jun 5, 2023

I wanted to publish a TRUTHFUL positive review on your site.

I wanted to post a TRUTHFUL positive review on your site. The extension is great - works perfectly. Its a hugely useful tool for me in my business. Thanks again.


Diego Katzman

Jul 4, 2019

Not updating lately

I don't know why, but it has been stuck in the same price from moer than a wee. I've been using it for years and love it.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 15, 2016

My Icon disappeared

When I went to add it back into Google is=t only offered to rate it = the icon and info went away?


Sep 3, 2015

Auto Update does not work

After 2.3 upgrade, prices don't get automatically. Disabling and then Enabling refreshes the prices.

Warren Wong

Jul 17, 2015

Icon Upgrade Suggestion

I love the price integration with the display of the icon.

Would like to know silver at a glance too.

Love this extension, the gold/silver ratio is fantastic.

Ronald Malloy

Jul 13, 2014

Memory utilization creeping upward


Just wanted to mention that I am experiencing a memory consuming issue with this app. It seems that it climbs from a low value of 10K or so, and after a day or three, is at 200K. So I use the task manager under chrome to stop it, and the balloon pops up, and I restart, and for two or three days, its fine. Then, i need to end it again.

Just a FYI..

Thanks for the app, it is a useful app for PM pricing.

Ron Malloy

Terry Jezeski

Feb 27, 2014


Is it possible to add Platinum tp the list?

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