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Jeff Schell

Jul 22, 2020 - Make Open Source Code Available to Edit

I checked for the availability of the Open Source code but it is no longer in the Google Code Archive. The developer does not respond to requests, but I'm hoping he'll see this and respond.
Please make the code available so it could be modified to fix the timer reset issue.

NigelSelenaTaarika GeorgeKumar

Nov 17, 2018

Auto Reset needed

Oh. We just installed this extension, and out of all the timers, this seemed to be the best... especially because of the customizable notifications and also the timer that counts down.

But sadly, as stated above, it goes to negative numbers after the notification and then we have to manually close/reset. it would be great if it automatically reset the messages and the numbers back to the specified reminder time.

Otherwise, perfect.

Anders Baumann

Oct 5, 2015

Bug fixes?

To the developer: The timer doesn't reset but continues into negative numbers. Are you going to this bug?

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 23, 2015

Timer doesnt reset

after alert is displayed the timer wont reset even if i click and acknowledge the alert, it just goes into negative numbers. Very annoying!!

yaron elh

Dec 30, 2014

There's a bug in counting back

The counting doesn't Reset after the time ends, In the first timer it works okay but all the rest just accumulate and nothing happens (It just continues counting)

Mahitosh Kumar

Jun 20, 2014

Not working on windows 8

The Goal reminder is not working on windows 8.1

The notification pop up is not displayed.

Jeff Schell

Nov 29, 2012

Allow specific times/dates for reminders

Love the extension. I would like to have the ability to set reminders with a specific time/date and also have the ability to snooze for various lengths - rather than the same intervals as is currently implemented. I used to use a Firefox plugin called Reminder Fox and would like some of those features in your extension.

Thanks for your work!

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