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Connor Waldo

Jan 4, 2024 added to "Backspace should never go back on these pages:" but still does bac

I added* to the "Backspace should never go back on these pages:" area, in the "Extension options" but it still goes back. Does anyone know why?


Mar 20, 2023

Go back/forward with Backspace

Please include the ability to go forward by pressing Shift + Backspace. This is how it always worked. In Mozilla Firefox, it works this way through a flag. Thanks! You are doing good work.

Shane Higgs

Jan 11, 2023

Not Working

This extension doesn't appear to work now. It used to work. I don't know when it stopped working, but pressing backspace does not go back anymore. Other extensions that basically do the same thing are also not working for me anymore. Please fix.


Oct 15, 2022

Going back two pages in MS Edge

Starting a couple of days ago, in MS Edge (continuing with latest version 106.0.1370.47) when I press backspace it goes back by two pages instead of just one. It's not happening in Chrome (also latest version). Will have to find an alternative if this continues.

Eli “Smike” G.

Sep 26, 2022

Use to go back within the secure Chrome area

I access Chrome settings pages and make good use of the Bookmark Manager very frequently - several days per week, sometimes every day - and this extension does not seem to have an effect on secure Chrome pages. I would LOVE if I could use backspace to go back in those areas within Chrome. Thanks.

Deth Eagle

Nov 19, 2020

No longer works, seems to have broken within the last couple days

Step 1. Hit "backspace" to go to a previous page.
Step 2. Nothing happens.

J Nieve

Oct 23, 2020

The extension doesnt work..

The backspace still doesnt work to return to previous page - alt and left arrow is still the only way on the keyboard even with this extension installed.

len len

Oct 17, 2020



Sabrina Trent

Dec 5, 2019

not working

My backspace button is still not allowing me to navigate back pages.

Ivo Apostolov

Nov 4, 2019

Stopped working

It appears that after the last Chrome update, the extension no longer works. Which is absolutely frustrating after removing this as core functionality.

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