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Element de contingut multimèdia: captura de pantalla 1
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Display ChatGPT response as a suggestion to complete emails, Powered By OpenAI

This is a chrome extension tool based on chatgpt to assist in writing email content. A Free browser extension for Gmail that completes emails for you using ChatGPT. Privacy-friendly Chrome extension to generate entire emails and messages using ChatGPT AI. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are the advantages of this tool: ✔️ Highest quality responses that outcompete all other tools in the market. ✔️ Works better on Gmail ✔️ All languages are supported ✔️ Completes emails for you by a given context ✔️ Completes the subject of the email ✔️ Fixes any typos you might have ✔️ Accessible button to let ChatGPT complete the email ✔️ Can be turned on or off at any time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO USE ON GMAIL 1. Open Gmail 2. Create new email and start writing it 3. In the left side of your input text, ChatGPT for Gmail icon will appear 4. Click it and a suggestion of Chat GPT to complete your email will show on screen 5. If you chose to accept it, just click on it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FAQ Which data is shared with the AI model? When writing a new email, the data sent is the user prompt. When replying to an email, the data sent is the previous email text content (which can be edited to remove sensitive information) and the user prompt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is your privacy policy? This tool respects your privacy and does not use ads, cookies, or third-party trackers. 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GMPlus - ChatGPT For Email - Write mail,messages with AI - openai generator ha comunicat la informació següent pel que fa a la recollida i a l'ús de les teves dades. Pots obtenir informació més detallada a la política de privadesa del desenvolupador.

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  • No s'utilitzen ni es transfereixen per determinar la situació creditícia ni per a finalitats de préstec


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