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Support @ Biz Accounting Ltd

Sep 29, 2021

Sending email


We are using email templates in Gmelius to send email, all the emails are kept under draft and not sending it, can you please check and resolve it asap.

Kind Regards
Yohan Morthy,
Biz Accounting Ltd

carlos bartolomesanz

May 26, 2021



James Sullivan

May 22, 2021

After installing your extension in gmail

My mailbox started filling up with spam and I uninstalled your extension. but there are still traces of it and the spam problem hasn't got better.

Valor Company [I.E.I.B]

Jan 24, 2021

What about the old licence ?

Hi Florian,

I paid some years ago 2 licence to use your extension but also support your work !

Now I tried to install the extension because I was seek for the years !! and I see my license is not usable ! Could you help please ?

Larissa Laughton

Oct 26, 2020


I installed Gmelius at the admin level for our domain and now can't get rid of it!!! The Uninstall button doesn't work....


Oct 14, 2020

where are the icons in toolbar of email composition?

The icons for accessing Gmail templates have disappeared from the tool bar in the mail composition box

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 15, 2013

Old Compose misbehaves on first load

Trying Gmelius Premium v0.5.7.5 with Chrome 30
If the Old Compose option is enabled, when Gmail first loads the Old Compose features aren't there and the font size when composing emails defaults to "small". If I get Gmelius to reload Gmail even without making any option changes (e.g. check/uncheck an option to activate the Save Changes button) then it behaves as it should (Old Compose, "normal" font size). I haven't tried an F5-refresh to see if that also fixes Gmail in this case.

Selden Deemer

Oct 12, 2013

Gmail Offline Controls Disappear

I don't know if this is the result of a code change by Gmelius or by Gmail Offline, but if the "Ads" box is checked, the menu, refresh, folder name, and red compose button all disappear. The AdBlock extension does not cause this problem with Gmail Offline.

Chrome OS Version 29.0.1547.74
Platform 4319.96.0 (Official Build) stable-channel link
Firmware Google_Link.2695.1.133

Daniel Wong

Oct 11, 2013

"Search" button

when i select the choice to make header auto-expandable, the "Search" button doesn't work. it doesn't seem respond to clicks.

JK Wilcox

Oct 10, 2013

"more" at "labels" column disappears randomly.

Hello Florian,
(This bug is the most difficult to replicate that I have saw).
The issue is: the option "MORE" which display the rest of the labels at the "Label column" disappears randomly. Even sometimes disappears without refreshing the gmail webpage (just jump off and came back to the Gmail webpage and the "MORE" is gone).
I have seen this happened 5 times in 4 hours
Note: I also noticed that the "3 Scroll Bars" changes randomly from "Gmelius style" to "windows style" or sometimes just disappears. Every "Scroll Bar" can changes or disappear independently from the others.
My Laptop 1366x768px has Windows 7 home premium 64bits with Google Chrome version 31.0.1650.16 beta-m and Gmelius version
I will attach a screenshot of the issue
and attach a photo of my Gmelius's Settings.

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