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Endika B.J

Jun 21, 2023

the extension it doesnt work

Please, fix it.

Chloé Dupré CyberCité Rennes

Jun 12, 2023

L'extension ne fonctionne plus

Il semblerait que le plugin ne fonctionne plus depuis la dernière mise à jour de Google Maps

Ozer Ozbarut

Apr 19, 2023


Hello ,

I want to use but your software has a problem with Turkish Alphabets ( Character ) which may need UTF-8 encoding character set supported.

Can you make sure solving the issue so that I can start using it.

Regards ,

Ozer Ozbarut

Zippy Entertainment

Feb 24, 2023

Cannot download the CSV

I've downloaded your extension, it only shows the categories. It doesn't show all of the information that your documentation claims it does. The download CSV link doesn't work either. How can I make this work?

Robert Fernandez

Feb 11, 2023

Not Working

The extension is not recognizing when a business is selected. I have deleted and reinstalled multiple time but it does not work.

Monster Mobile Marketing LLC

Nov 22, 2022

GMBspy no longer works

I think google made an update to the local pack search, GMBspy no longer works. When I select a listing and click on GMBspy, it says I have not selected a listing.

LP Financement

Jun 27, 2021

Doesnt work


Sorry but GMBspy doesnt work on my computer, as a result I get lots of red points but no categories. Am I missing something ?

Marden Nochez

Jan 25, 2021

Data security

Really interested in your application but I have a concern about my data security. Why would you need to "access and CHANGE my data in the sites I visit"?

Ronald Knak

Dec 21, 2020

can´t see the categories

Hallo, the GMBspy is pinnend in my google chrome. In a GMB page- the GMBspy shor me the name of the buisness, but dont show me any categorie. Please help me get results.

Thanks Ronald

Cunning Stunt

Nov 26, 2020


Downloaded GMB spy, managed to pin it in the extensions bar after 30 minutes of messing around. No idea how it works, can't find any instructions on the web store page nor under the extensions icon. Delete?

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