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Mar 27, 2024

Gmail loads twice or hangs on loading screeen

Anyone have the issue above? Disabling the extension resolves my issues. This happens on all my computers.

Jan Witt

Mar 21, 2024

Gmail doesn't load anymore with settings extender enabled

Gmail doesn't load anymore with settings extender enabled
Chrome Version: 123.0.6312.59 (arm64)
Any suggestion?

Cubee Chung

Feb 29, 2024

The Tap bar has disappeared after the updated on 28 Feb

As subject, the tab bar has disappeared after the updated. Only the Tap "Unread" there.

Edoardo Grazioli

Feb 29, 2024

"Auto move compose window to new tab" disabled since yesterday

New messages do not open anymore in new tabs (panic!). I installed your extension one year ago (the best one ever used for gmail) and now almost all the office is using it. Me and my colleagues hope the problem will be solved soon! Thanks a lot

Alaa Aljabahji

Feb 29, 2024

New tab window not working

Based on Gmail update and new bug fixes, there are no new tab function, will be available soon?

BTW, Best extension ever, really help me and collegues through workdays

Corey Lorimer

Feb 22, 2024

Stopped working

The extension stopped working yesterday, please help.

Josh Nathan

Dec 24, 2023

mailto: links broken

Hi Ahmed, thanks for this fantastic extension. I'm finding that when I click a mailto: link in my browser and it pops a Gmail tab or window, the window is blank. It's as if it's trying to load the compose window (which appears for 1/2 a second) then I get a blank tab. When I disable the extension mailto: works normally, but I've lost the extra features you've provided. Any ideas?

Cathy Peirce

Oct 31, 2023

Reply/forward buttons not working. REverse order not always working.

Hello, my forward and reply buttons are not working.. i press it and nothing happens. They worked yesterday. The reverse convo is not working either, it is working on one inbox but not my other inbox. I've removed the extension and readded it but nothing is working. I've restarted everything.

Liz Sanka

Oct 17, 2023

Send and Archive option in Replies?

Hi there, firstly I love the extension! But I noticed that the option to Send and Archive in reply's is no longer available with the extension on. Is it possible to keep that as a feature? it's quite handy. Thank you!!

John Crumpton

Sep 19, 2023

Reply and reply to all broken (initial email not current email)

Hello, I've found a bug: "Reply" and "Reply to all" buttons are broken: they reply to the initial/first email, not the current one.

The workaround is to use the icon with the double arrows facing to the left inbetween the start and three dots. I think it's related to the "Reversing the conversation order" feature. Thank you!

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