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Avi Klayman

Sep 18, 2022

Gmail POP3 Fetcher


I would like to know if the Chrome add-on is still working on latest Gmail interface?
Are there any issues or settings I need to do?

Thanks for developing it.


Tamica Sears

Oct 30, 2021

Multiple accounts

Hi, does this pull from multiple accounts or just one?

Estelle Comment

Jan 26, 2021

Can I see the code ?

Hello ! Thank you for publishing this extension.
I would like to see the code, to check what requests are being made (to google, to other servers). Could you share the code ? Is it open sourced ?
Thank you!

Mitchell McClure

Nov 12, 2019

it does not work!

at all...

Maycon Régis Sabka

Mar 19, 2019

Personal data

How about my personal data?

Jim Harkins

Jan 26, 2017

Multiple Accounts

I have three pop3 accounts. This plugin seems to be only checking the first one instead of all three.

Sqr Y

Dec 12, 2016

Not work

Not work a few days ago. Please fix.


German Fernandez

Oct 11, 2016


Does it work for Inbox??

Does it support multiple accounts?

David Edmeades

Sep 15, 2016

Does not appear to work

I've reloaded the gmail window and set the interval to one minute, but it does not appear to have any effect at all. Perhaps Google changed something?

Vishal Sood

Jul 17, 2016

Sync not working


I have sent sync interval to be 5 / 10 / 9 / 3 minutes, but still it is only syncing 1 hour.

WHY ????

What is going wrong ??


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