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Merrie Molton

Jul 5, 2024

How can I update my credit card?

I think my credit card expired and it has stopped working.

Mike Bruce

Nov 27, 2023

Auto pop out not working on reply

Since the new update last week, the auto pop out does not work on reply. It works fine on compose.

Sam Schwarzwald

Nov 21, 2023

Replies and Forwards do not pop out

With the most recent update, Replies and Forwards do not pop out into separate screens. They open windows within the reading pane. Only new messages pop out.

Michelle Deppe

Nov 21, 2023


I have purchased the service but it hasn't worked the last 2 days and I continue to get error messages in my extension folder.

Shelby Marsh

Nov 16, 2023

Pop out stopped working 11/16/23

This has been working all year until today. I've closed and restarted Gmail. When clicking reply it no longer pops out. When composing a new message it does pop out though.

Clark Conine

Oct 9, 2023

Cursor placement

Is it possible to have the cursor open in the body of the email instead of the To: field???

Sean Beckman

Aug 24, 2023

Licensing Question


I am looking to purchase the paid version but I have multiple Gmail accounts (personal, work, etc.)

Am I able to share the license with all of my Gmail accounts?

Thanks in advance

Kevin Anderle

Jun 30, 2023

stopped working

This worked well for several months but randomly stopped working a week ago and I can't figure out why?

Nathan Petel

Jun 13, 2023

How do I cancel my subscription?

Looking for support on canceling the $5/month fee

Sam Schwarzwald

May 27, 2023

Can I use this extension on multiple gmail accounts?

If I have paid for this extension to use with one of my gmail accounts, can I use it on my other gmail accounts without paying for it again?

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