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arp eyx

Oct 5, 2021

7tv emotes?

Are you planning to add 7tv emotes support? Would be cool.


Jul 29, 2021

Twitch Emotes doesnt work for me

Hey, i have installes all needed configs to get these emotes.
It all worked for me before but since yesterday autocomplete, and all other emotes doesnt work for me.
Need some help :-)

Zoomers LULW

Jul 8, 2021

Regular TTV emotes not showing up

my regular emotes are not showing up for me like PogChamp and LUL still show up as text yet settings are on blacklist with empty emotes


Dec 13, 2020

Custom emotes say "invalid emote"

Custom emotes say "invalid emote" I tried with multiple file types and it still didn't work.

Fadi Hamad

Sep 24, 2020

Nothing works for me

I read the FAQ and enabled "Experimental iframe support" but still nothing works for me.
I'm using Chrome, and trying to get it to work on YouTube live.

Nub Nublet

Aug 15, 2020

Custom emotes not working

Every time I try to add a custom emote, no matter what it says "Invalid Emote". I've tried png, jpg, and jpeg all under 1mb. I've tried square, horizontal, vertical, transparent, non-transparent, but nothing works.


Jun 9, 2020

Emotes don't show up on facebook messenger

Just like in the title, i miss bttv on facebook so much :(
Can you fix it?

Wide Hardo

May 10, 2020

i think the new update broke it

while BTTV emotes didnt work at all before, now only a couple work for me. Everything is scuffed, if i import my old settings it doesnt work at all, if i add em manually FFZ works and only SOME BTTV emotes will work. Very weird

Hans Beltrano

May 4, 2020

BTTV emotes not showing

Everything works except BTTV emotes, just like the person said before me. They're also gone in my cached emote sets.

belle solji

May 3, 2020


my bttv emotes just broken now, ffz works fine but every bttv emote is ignored, and i dont have bttv emotes in cache also. what to do?

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