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Mima Tamimatu

Jun 22, 2024

Tidak bisa

Tidak bis ainstal ke desyop

Nurul Sa'adah

Jun 15, 2024

Global speed: kontrol kecepatan video

Saya tidak bisa menambahkan ektension ke chroem

Suci Leya

Jun 13, 2024

Ekstensi ini tidak bisa ditambahkan ke ekstensi saya ,mohon bantuanny

Tidak bisa ditambahkan ke chrome saya

محمد حازم

May 24, 2024

hotkeys lag since last update

i really would like to thank you first for this awesome extension, it has been of real great help, however unfortunately i started facing a problem since last update (version 3.0.5) as it seems to have made the extension lag (or sometimes not respond at all, not really sure what is happening) to
keyboard hotkeys

(i press hotkey to set speed to 2 and nothing happens, the extension icon speed is still the same, then after 3 seconds (on average sometimes slower and sometimes faster but not significantly) the new speed appear , and the the extension icon speed updated, previously this used to be almost instanteous that i didn't feel it at all)

this happened after update today (24 / 5), until previous day i used to use the hotkeys extensively with no problem

my pc specs:
CPU: intel i7 7500u
GPU: amd r7 m445
ram: 16 gb

windows 11 22H2 22621.3593 build
using brave browser 6.7.3329.27 (latest)
tried brave browser and had the same problem

Martin Jenkins

May 24, 2024

S no longer toggles

This is an amazing extension, and I love it!
But as of today, speed = no longer toggles when you press it again. Yes, I can use a cycle, but I really liked being able to set a speed for a video and then slow it down to catch something then return it to the previous speed. Now it just sets the speed repeatedly.

Tejas Vitthalani

Dec 27, 2023

Item currently unavailable check the trouble shooting

Plz help


Nov 20, 2023

Issues on

Global Speed is one of the best extensions out there. Thanks for creating it POLYWOCK.
It used to run smoothly when you would use the web version of spotify. But when you slow down the tempo to let's say .5x it will glitch into 1x speed every few seconds. I tried re-adding Global Speed and trying both Chrome and Brave browser but the problem persists. Thanks.

Mehmet “Satuk”

Nov 19, 2023

change the behaviour of the keys with one key

Hello. I have been using your extension for a long time. there is a setting I want to make.
For example, if I can make the video back and forth with the x and c keys, I want the x and c keys to change the video speed by pressing the f key.
I want this because my mouse has 3 customisable buttons.
If there is no such feature, please add it.
thank you very much for the extension and your help.

Thyago Kufner

Nov 1, 2023

Video real remaining time

It would be nice if the remaining real time could be shown in screen.

E.g.: A 10 minutes video, playing in 2x would have 5 minutes, so there could be a countdow timer counting the 5 minutes in real time pace instead of the youtube timer counting 10 minutes in fast pace.

Kind regards,


Sep 19, 2023

local video

When I use chrome to open local video, the speed control not work.

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