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Rod deJel

Feb 9, 2024

I can not afford to pay anything, as I thought this was a free extension. I have not used it yet?

Will you please help me cancel any obligation to pay? What do I need to do?

Kamloos Kitchen

Jan 31, 2024

Transcription of SouthIndian languages

I am able to transcript English and Hindi for taking notes.But I am unable to transcript Southindian languages Like Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu,kannada

Marc Hankin

Jan 26, 2024

Privacy, and a Manual

Is there a manual in PDF that I can download or that is otherwise available on the web?

I got the impression from your YouTube video that other users will be able to see all of my Glasp activity. I'd like to be able to control which of my web activities are available for other users to see, including which web pages I visit, and which things I highlight. How can I control that?  

Thank you very much for a great product and for the time you will spend answering my question. I really appreciate it.

                Marc B. Hankin

Timothy Fung

Jan 2, 2024


"Your feedback motives us a lot", instead say, "Your feedback highly motivates us to improve this wonderful product!"

Rajat Rastogi

Nov 18, 2023

Problem in adding glasp to chrome

I am facing problem in adding glass PDF and web highlighter plus YouTube summary in adding to Chrome

Mark Modesti

Nov 15, 2023

Kindle import

Kindle importer doesn't work. Dialog to "Copy Highlights or Select Books" is not populating on my macbook pro (M1). Shouldn't be this difficult to figure out.

Carl Corder

Oct 23, 2023

Highlight support for MathJax

I'm an aspiring Actuary and use Glasp a lot for studying. Often times I'm highlighting text with inline MathJax. In that case the highlighting is often broken or has variable width. Adding support for inline MathJax would be killer! Thanks for considering.

Victor Galvão

Oct 19, 2023

Can't choose language anymore

Hi there , I can't choose the language anymore on google chrome . It automatically gives me the " english auto " instead of all the options I could choose before . I am using it on youtube website on my chrome browser. What is happening ? Can you guys help me out ?

Luke Shannon

Sep 26, 2023

Not Working

Can't get this to highlight anything on web pages. Tried everything. Please help. Thanks!

Michal Švec

Aug 15, 2023

Buggy, too much!!!

My highlights tend to do not show correctly on a webpage. They are saved but they do not showing. It is reflected after page refresh. Please fix :)

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