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Juraj Miškech

Jan 26, 2023

Sheet thumbnail feature "Set a screenshot" missing


My most used feature "Set a screenshot" is now missing in the new versions. What is the reason behind the removal? Please add it back.

Venkata Kasi Viswanath Mulugu

Jan 25, 2023

Check-Boxes are missing while Impor

Hello Team,

I am unable to "Import" the scripts because Check-boxes are missing. But sometimes in "Sheets" also not able to Import.

Please check this issue.

Cotiso Hanganu

Sep 1, 2021

Compatibility with Qlik Sense

1.a. Is this supposed to work only with Qlik Sense Server on Prem, or should it be able to work also with QlikSense SaaS ? W
1.b. What about Qlik Sense Desktop (working in Chrome browser connected to localhost ) ?

2.a. Since what version of Qlik Sense is Gitoqlik working with?
2.b. Does it require to be updated with more recent versions of Qlik Sense or is it supposed to be compatible forever ?


Cotiso Hanganu

Sep 1, 2021

Is Gitoqlik working also with git services in TFS from Microsoft ?

TFS = Team Foundation Services

Elliot Kaye

Jul 8, 2021

Committing Master Dimensions/Measures Colors

Hi Alex, we have noticed that when committing master items to GIT using Gitoqlok that any value color settings are not stored along with the master item's expression/field etc

Is this a known issue and is there a workaround ?

Many Thanks


Awadhesh Singh

Apr 21, 2021

GitOQlok is not able to authenticate hosted in our network

I am using GitOQlok tool to maintain source versioning for QlikSense projects. while setting Git server to it is giving error like "Authentication error, please check User Personal Token". Repository server - is hosted on our internal network.
Kindly help us know reason for above error and provide solution.

Ash Parmar

Feb 15, 2021

Unable to commit on v 1.82

Hi there, I have raised an issue via Slack. I can connect to Gitlab, create new repositories, and also rollback from previous commits, however cannot raise any new commits, or even raise a new commit when rolling back to a previous commit.
I removed the extension and re-installed and also cleared cookies and cache but still same problem, regards Ash

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