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Xuesong Shi

Apr 18, 2016

Cannot sync with GitHub

Hi shinemoon, is this tool supposed to be good for now? It does not work on my Windows 7. I've signed in with my github account, and it showed "Blog of:xxx" on the top bar of Jekyller, but I cannot sync down my recent posts or publish new posts to github. Are there any known issues like that? Thanks a lot!

Bryce Stradling

Jul 7, 2015

Posting Issues for jekyll 2.4.0

I've posted with this twice, and I have to adjust the commit so it'll display properly on my blog.

I'm sure this is an issue with my config file, but my blog won't accept an .md file only .markdown.

I also have to add "layout: post" the front matter. It also seems to dislike having the date in quotes or tags separated by dashes. It's been pretty tricky. Pretty great otherwise!

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 18, 2015

Support Github Org

Hi, try give support for other github-pages in the brand gh-pages or for orgs.
Thank you.

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