Gistly: YouTube AI Summary with ChatGPT
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Gistly: YouTube AI Summary with ChatGPT

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Summarize YouTube videos. Save time on long content. Get insights with AI, instantly and on point.

🏆 Top Features: → Insights: Get the pivotal points and key ideas from the video with our YouTube AI Summarizer. → Summaries: Our YouTube video AI summary extension provides you with the gist of any YouTube video in seconds. → Transcripts: Navigate through videos using paragraphs with timestamps, a feature of our AI video Summarizer. 💡 Works Best With: • Business and Finance, Investing and Trading • News, Politics, and Current Events • Health, Wellness and Longevity • Podcasts and interviews ✅ Technical Features: - Works instantly: 7 seconds on average! - You can summarize even 4-6 hour videos with our YouTube summarize AI tool. - Gistly is powered by the newest and most powerful GPT models from OpenAI (eg. GPT-4 that powers ChatGPT), making it a reliable AI YouTube video summary tool. 😎 Brought to you by the team behind Chatwith, powerful AI chatbots trained on your content. More Information ---------------------------- Are you tired of spending hours watching lengthy YouTube videos and wish there was a quicker way to understand the content? Introducing Gistly: the AI YouTube Video AI Summarizer powered by ChatGPT, a cutting-edge tool that allows you to generate concise summaries of any YouTube video effortlessly. → How does the YouTube video summarizer work? With our innovative AI technology, you can automatically summarize any YouTube video in just one click. The summarizer extension identifies the key points and highlights the most important information, giving you a quick overview of the video’s content. → What makes ChatGPT ideal for summarizing videos? ChatGPT stands out as the perfect choice for summarizing videos due to its advanced AI capabilities. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT ensures accurate and insightful summaries that help you extract valuable information from video content efficiently. Save time and effort with quick summary generation, allowing you to consume the main points of a video without having to watch the entire content. The tool simplifies the process of summarizing videos and empowers users to make informed decisions based on the extracted insights. → What are the benefits of using ChatGPT for YouTube video summarization? By leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, you can effortlessly summarize any YouTube video within minutes. Quickly grasp the main points without watching the entire video, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the essential aspects of the content. The generated summaries are concise and easy to understand, ensuring that you receive comprehensive insights without the need to sift through lengthy videos. GPT-powered summarizer simplifies the process of generating summaries, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to extract key information efficiently.

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KdunJun 13, 2024

Useful insights and transcripts! Great way to quickly get the gist (🙃) of a video

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Ana Paula HurJun 13, 2024

As someone who consumes a lot of YouTube content, especially longer videos and podcasts, Gistly's AI-powered summaries have been a timesaver. Instead of having to watch hours of footage, I can now quickly get the key insights in a few seconds.

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Rafał ZawadzkiJun 12, 2024


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