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Daniel Schönemann

Jun 28, 2016

GigaSet DL 500A

does your software with a GigaSet DL500A?
Greetings from Hannover / Germany
Daniel Schoenemann

Dario Gruber

Mar 28, 2016


Puedo integrar esta extension con asterisk y hacer llamadas entre los internos configurados ?

Bob Kelly

Aug 21, 2015

"SIP" Files

Hi there - I'm kinda new to the "Chrome OS". How can I open a file for a windows PC (or program?) on my "Chrome Box" (not a "Chrome Book" - if it matters)? I've been told I need a "SIP" downloader, but everything I've seen so far are for phones - I think! (sorry! Like I said I'm kinda new - lol) Thank your in advance for any assistance you are able to provide in this matter!! p.s. Please reply to the following: Thanks -Bob

Ярослав Белоус

Aug 13, 2015


когда идет звонок через x-lite то там на табле идет сперва // а потом номер и после еще одно / и из за этого не идет правельный визова телефона,как это исправить

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