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Leah Quinn

Sep 30, 2021

Plug in not adding item to list

When I click to add an item to a specific list, it does not actually show up when I go to the website and view the list.

Mark Wiseman

Aug 13, 2021

Link to my gifthero

Can we add a link to "my gifthero" in the extension for quick access to the site
i.e. clicking on the profile image


Feb 1, 2021


I've tried TWO different e-mails and NONE of them work!
I NEED a wish list and i've been looking EVERYWERE!
Please tell me WHERE I can get a WORKING wishlist????!!!!

Lauren Takeda

Nov 14, 2020

Can't Log In

I signed up using my gmail account on the Android app and now when trying to log in to the Chrome extension I don't have the option to use gmail (only Facebook). The Forgot Password and Sign Up links don't work either.

Nancy Van Sickel

Dec 2, 2019

can't sign up

Why won't it let me sign up. I forgot my password and it wouldn't let me request a new one so I got rid of the extension and put it back on thinking I would just sign up again but it won;t let me do either. Kind of ridiculous to have this and you can;t sign up

Marti Barletta

Dec 14, 2018


Why would you create and promote a product, and then provide NO WAY TO SIGN UP????!!!!!

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