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A “D2therJ” J

Jun 3, 2021

awesome extension! but i have a request

can you please make it possible to capture between decimal places on timer?

currently it only goes by whole seconds, but say i want to capture from 11 secs and 500 ms instead of just 11 seconds 0 ms

do you understand what i mean?

thanks and hopefully you can add this feature!

Ross Calder

Oct 3, 2019

Twitter, Chrome, youtube

Can this extension only do youtube? When I am on twitter I want to be able to use gif it there as well. When I click on the extension and go to the this can read and change data it give me the option of when you click extension, or all sites, but I can't choose the last two options which is what I want to do. Is there a work around for this?

Linara Gimadova

Dec 11, 2018

GIFs created won't play

I have created the GIFs with the prog and Youtube video like its explained , saved, but when I try to send it through some social media sites or insert for e.g. in Word Doc it won't work. the process itself seemed to followed through correctly, Adobe Flashreader is updated. What is the problem?

Jay Parker

May 17, 2018

Extension doesn't work

Every time I click the Gifit icon while on a Youtube video, it just sends me to the chrome store page.

Stacy Richmond

Feb 16, 2018

Gif button gone.

GIF button is gone.

refreshed video like 12 times, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted chrome, restarted computer. nothing work.

Simei Dário

Sep 13, 2017

GIFit! não funciona

Instalei o app, mas não funcion, eu entro no youtube e não consigo fazer nada, clico no ícone do GIFit! e abre um aba, mas nenhuma opção de edição.

Ernie V

Sep 1, 2017

Not Working

GIFit button doesn't show up anymore

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 31, 2017

Gifit worked for one day only

This app worked the first day I installed it, and now the Gifit icon has disappeared. I'm going to try uninstalling and installing again to see if that helps. Any other suggestions?

Evan Prescott

Aug 28, 2017

Simply doesn't function.

All this extension does, is add a broken button to the task bar. You click it and it opens a drop-down menu which has several items on it. One, is a button that just brings you back to this store page. Useful. The next is an options button that is grayed out and doesn't work. And the others are just to either hide or uninstall it. gg dev, you suck.

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 28, 2017

Does not seem to work with Vimeo

I am trying to capture a gif from Vimeo and I do not get the Gifit options that I get with YouTube. Constant Contact webinar said it could be used with Vimeo. I am having no luck.

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