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Samuel Biagetti

May 4, 2024

gif scrubber stopped working, always says "not a valid gif file"

I have been using gif scrubber on many occasions for a few years, but today it just stopped working. Every file I try to use it on, the window pops up and says "not a valid gif file." I have found this to be true now on both Chrome and Firefox. I have made sure I have given it permissions for all sites. I don't see why this suddenly went wrong. What can I do?

Colin Tucker

Apr 5, 2023

Nothing happens

The extension lights up when I open a page with just a .gif in it but I don't see any player controls, the keyboard shotcuts (ie space to pause) don't work, and generally it just doesn't seem to do anything.

Laurits Rask

Oct 29, 2021

The extension has not worked for me for about a year

I just get two circles "Download" and "Render" that don't move or load anything. What am I doing wrong? If you need any other information I will be happy to give it.

Brendon Penn

Apr 21, 2021

Terms of use and privacy policy

Please confirm if you have terms of use and a privacy policy before we consider to use your extension

John Marcel

Sep 26, 2020


ability to make a playlist from local or to just play all gif files in a directory

Sean Osborn

Jul 14, 2019


Doesn't work. I get a pop up screen, with two circles labeld "download" and "render"
The "download" quickly circles up and shows 100% in the center.
That's it.
Nothing else happens.
Is something supposed to happen?

Carlos Esteban “Luchillo17” Lopez Jaramillo

Dec 1, 2018

RAM usage is huge, app crashing

Seems with a gif with enough length it will eat up RAM, hit 4G usage at 75% render progress, then crahsed, specific gif is in this git repo readme:

Nathalie Sandstad

Feb 22, 2018

Menu for GIF Scrubber not even appearing.

I'm using Chrome on a mac, and have installed the plugin, I recall it working in the past, but when I right-click on any GIFs atm, I don't get any option for the GIF Scrubber, please advice?

Felina Faerlaingal

Sep 12, 2017

Only in new window?

I thought from the description that this would show a little "gif player" on any gif I might find, on any webpage, right away. But instead I have to right click the gif and open it in a new tab all the time. Is this how this is supposed to work? If so, it's a bit tedious, an embedded player would be better...

A Chrome Web Store user

May 4, 2017


is there firefox version?

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