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Joe L

Apr 11, 2022

MinSwap errors

Unable to use Minswap ( Keep getting error code when trying to swap and stake.

Larry Pihlman

Jan 19, 2022

bought coins on Moonpay

bought coins on Moonpay and sent coins from my Coinbase account they show up in Cardanoscan but not in my wallet

Beyhan Tellioglu

Jan 17, 2022

Security Concerns

Hi! Why do you need approvals to;
- Read and change my data on a number of websites,
- Read my browsing history
- Read data I copy and paste.

Thanks in advance for the information shared.


Aug 31, 2021

How do I get the wallet to connect?

The wallet says disconnected in the top left corner and I don't know how to connect it. Shame I was excited about this one.

Andre Smith

Aug 26, 2021

Cannot Launch my wallet


I have added the extension but cant get the wallet to launch. Is there something I have missed here ?

Look forward to your reply

kind regards


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