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Emily Grabenstetter

Aug 13, 2020

Not working

Also not working for me, Mac, Chrome, Gmail. And it's too bad, because it's JUST what I need.

Antonio Di Martino

Apr 16, 2020

Doesn't work for me

Doesn't work for me and I don't find an answer for the many people that have declared the same. Are you even bothered to help?

Ned O'Hara

Sep 17, 2018

Not working whatsoever

I use the extension within gmail but do not see any of the mentioned functions...
Have been looking forward to an ext like this for a while - what steps can I take to make the ext function?
Let me know,
-Ned O'Hara

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 16, 2016

Not working

Doesnt working in inbox from google

Dan L.

Jun 8, 2016


Es funktioniert in Gmail nicht!


Feb 23, 2016

says colors turned off :-(

Silvia Fischer

Oct 7, 2015

genusly is good but not without faults

"Angestellte" is shown as feminine but in the text used to test genusly it was masculine: "Der Angestellte ..."

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 2, 2015


keine funktion. :)

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 23, 2015

Faulty ext

It is not currently working in GMAIL. Please fix.

Tina Wilkinson

May 20, 2015

in Google Apps?

Is there a version of this that woks on Google Docs etc?

Google apps