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Darlene Braden

Nov 20, 2022

how do I stop pop up adds

there as so many pops up in the last week. I can not use my computer the adds block my whole page. It is very bad when I have talking to someone and those adds pop up and will not stop. I can not do anything with them popping up so much.

Kevin Smets

Sep 11, 2022


ik zou graag deze app downloaden

A.C. N.

Sep 10, 2022

Ad Blocking Statistics GeniusPRO

Is it or will it be possible to show detailed data information of the: 'Ads Blocked On This Page' and of the: 'Currently Connected Domains'? While exploring your extension and experimenting with its features it seems to be very well build, sufficiently equiped and operating smoothly. Although the extension UI looks very clear and is easy to use it would be very conveniant also being able to see not only to the number of blocked ads and connected domains per page, but also to know their direct sources/urls/dns strings (detailed data) by ways of e.g.: retrieving it by clicking on its related counter graph (pop-up listing) and/or statistics log section button(s) on the home screen (preferably below on the rightside of the home button).

Pavlo Alinski

Jul 7, 2022

Not working anymore

This extension stops working so I need to find similar extension that works everytime, luckily I found this one and it has been working even better.

Paleo Man

Apr 13, 2022

I have an old safari web browser. How can I find an ad blocker that will work?

Need an ad blocker for an older web browser.

Yalco S.A.

Aug 31, 2021

Download interrupted while trying to install ! what is happening?

hey there, seems that somehow the installation of any kind of ad blocker is interrupted during download. Is there an offline link from where we can install this addon?

Mr.Nuttawut Pinprech

Apr 5, 2021



Taylor Hill

Mar 19, 2021

YouTube tabs closing when opening viva middle-click.

When I middle-click (the mouse wheel) the tab opens anywhere from 1second-5seconds then close without any input to close the tab. After turning off the extension the tabs opened without an issue with a middle-click, turning the extension back on the tabs closed without input to close said tab.

Roberto Labra C.

Dec 22, 2020

Consulta sobre listas blancas


Es posible tomar un txt de listas blancas desde una página web o ftp, la consulta es como para aplicar configuración masiva de la extensión, ya que es muy útil y pensaba usar la extensión en todos los navegadores chrome de la empresa.

Roberto Labra Cortez

Shaks Bftd

Jul 6, 2020

its not blocking youtube ads anymore

its not blocking YouTube ads anymore and i have added updated and all the filters uninstalled and reinstalled it please fix it i used it for almost a year it was so good until it stopped blocking YouTube ads please fix this

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