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Stefanie Ingravalle

May 13, 2024

Support email

Hi is there a support email that we can reach for any issues we face with the tool ?

Stefanie Ingravalle

May 13, 2024


hi there I want to purchase this tool but can i use it on two different devices with one package also can I become an affiliate for it? as I have a good amount of clients id like to share it with

Jason Gregory

Mar 23, 2024

Problems with the genius connector software not sending out messages.

I submitted a support ticket on the 11th of January and I haven't heard anything back since then. The problem is when I run a campaign it will send out the friend request but it will not post the message that I have created. This has been happening for a few of months now and it doesn't make sense in me running any friend connector campaigns at the moment until this is sorted. Will it be possible for somebody to contact me and help me out, as I have reached out several times through your support platform but the status on the platform never changes and it doesn't go past the chat bot

Francesco Paolino

Mar 20, 2024

genius connector issue

My Genius connector sends a friend's request on facebook, but then doesn't send the message that it is supposed to send.

I've already turn on the clipboard allowance in the google's settings, but doesn't work.

How can I fix this problem?

Brian Adkins

Mar 14, 2024

Is this still active?

Hello , is this ext. still active ?

Delphine Spicylady

Nov 11, 2023

supprimer invitation envoyées

Bonjour ,J'ai l'impression que je n'arrive plus à supprimer les invitations envoyées pour libérer de l'espace . Du coup , l'application fonctionne mal
Pouvez vous faire quelque chose ??

Merci d'avance

Delphine R

Junior DeJesus

Aug 26, 2023

Genius Connector Problem

Whenever I try to send an automated message with the friend requests, they won't send, but the friend requests end up getting sent, and not the message.

Ember Rohlman

Aug 25, 2023


Hi, I am still within my 7 day trial and I would like to cancel my membership. my email is, thank you.

Grupo Gáspari

May 16, 2023

No work

I click on the extension icon and it doesn't work.

Evan Mauricio

Mar 11, 2023

Genius Connector Issue

1. It doesnt send the messages to every person i friend request
2. It doesnt have a gender / country filter.

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