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Martin Pegg

May 5, 2024

more month events

Am i doing something wrong? the day cell expands but still reads as ' 2 more' or whatever the count is for whichever day, not displaying the event. It is only showing 4 events as mentioned in previous comments. I hav tried changing cell% but does noot make any difference

lorenzo scontrino

Feb 11, 2024

I doesm't show more than 4 events

It enlarges the area of each day in months view, but doesn't shove more than 4 events. In this way is quite useless

Rhett Sifford

Feb 5, 2024

Alphabetical All Day Events Stopped Working

I just updated Chrome on my Mac (2/5/24) and unfortunately the Alphabetical All Day Events feature is no longer working. I know you told me some features might stop working in 2024, but just wondering if there might be a GCal Plus update forthcoming... Thanks!

Massimo Seravalli

Jan 5, 2024

Multiple Copy doesn't work anymore

I have installed GCalPlus long time ago 'cause i was interested in multiple copy and doesn't work anymore.

Matt Martin

Dec 28, 2023

Multiple Copy doesn't work

Just installed GCalPlus specifically for multiple copy and it isn't working. I go through the process and everything looks like it works but the new events don't show up. Have tried multiple times. GCal is authorized. Can provide screen recording if helpful. Thank you.

Dave Shevett

Dec 8, 2023

Horizontal scrolling disable does not work :(

Hi there - the plugin looks great, but the 'disable scrtolling' option doesn't stop the left/right scroll :(. I'm guessing Google changed something. Can you give an update?

Ludo Ruymaekers

Dec 2, 2023

Niet meer in agenda

Hoi allen,

via de webshop krijg van de ene op de andere dag volgende error.

Fout tijdens statuswijziging. {
“error”: “invalid_grant”,
“error_description”: “Token has been expired or revoked.”

Doel, men kan nog steeds bestellingen plaatsen , maar de bestelling komt niet meer in de google agenda.

Kan iemand hierin helpen aub.


Oct 12, 2023

Screen scrolls from month to month

With little or no movement on the mouse the months jump from one to another, frustrating.

Antonia Felix, Ed.D.

Oct 11, 2023

notification sound

Hi, previously I finally discovered that the mystery Gmail notification I kept getting on my MacBook (the Mac "chime" sound--really irritating!), even though all my Gmail notification settings were on "off," was due to GCalPlus. Once I deleted the extension, the problem stopped. That was about 3-4 months ago, but because I really miss having the extra space for events that the extension gave me, I tried it again today (10/11/23) and so far no Gmail notification chimes. Is this another bug you fixed? Must be. Thank you for this great extension.

Tamás Forgács

Sep 26, 2023

feature req. - vertical scroll

I know its an old one, but please consider: when we have events overlapping on month boundaries and we need a birds' eye overview on several months, then the natural behavior of the calendar would be a vertically scrolling view, e.g. with up/down keys (I know many user wants the scroll disabled). I really miss this feature when the family plans the summer holiday events. I would happily support this feature with a little payment.

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