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Mohamed Bayoumi

May 12, 2024

Where is my code for AWS console!? you ruined my life

Hello, I lost access to my valuable AWS console because i used this damn authenticator for 2MFA. When i open it from my browser it's completely empty. No way to see history, no backup, no sync, nothing! Now i completely locked out of my account and all my fault is that i relied on this extension as a simple way to always find the MFA code while login to my AWS console. I need HELP

Jeff Cunningham

Jul 21, 2023

Who are you?

Hi, just wondering who the developer of this is

Chawapon Charoenmuang

Jul 14, 2023

Two step verification

I using GAuth Authenticator for generate OTP and can't get it for entered not valid to Amazon.How to solve this problem.

Heather Montgomery

Mar 23, 2023

Lost all keys

After cache clear all existing keys are gone. What options do we have to restore?


Jul 19, 2022

Kode Facebook saya

Saya tidak bisa menerima kode autikasi kode facebook

Dave Sharpe

May 8, 2022

remove entries

I have two accounts that I "need to" (or at least "want to") remove. I don't want to delete the app as in the past the play store wouldn't let me reinstall a deleted app as it doesn't seem to know I've deleted it and I do need your app as I'm being forced by Facebook to use 2FA

Joe Doodl

Apr 14, 2022

Sync with Google Auth App?

Is there any documentation on how to sync this Extension with the Google Authenticator App on my phone? It's too much work to re-enter 50+ accounts. Thanks.

Budha shubba Digital

Apr 2, 2022

Password hack

My Google account has been hacked how to solve this problem please support me

Cody J. Buckner

Mar 27, 2022

reinstalled my os when i signed on with the account that had this extension my accounts was gone

tittle says it all i reinstalled my os when i logged back on an hit the extension button i was surprised to see all my accounts was gone now im locked out of all my important accounts please tell me we can recover the keys to my accounts so i can log into them

John Weiss

Mar 5, 2022

Opening in Tab

Great extension. Smaller than other OTP apps!
Problem: It's opening in a tab. How to force popup?

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