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May 6, 2019

adding sites

Hi I would like to know how to add URL's to the checker?
as I visit sites

David Li

Nov 3, 2017

reddit filter blocks usernames too

One of my filter is "arya". Unfortunately on reddit, it blocks usernames containing "arya".

For example:xxxlarYarmuxxx


Sep 4, 2017

not blocking spoilers

hi, reinstalled this extension on chrome, and it doesnt seem to be blocking phrases like it used to, any help please? thanks

Алексей Бузилов

Sep 3, 2017


Ofc you know that YT has a new design. I'd be glad to use updated version of your extension cause these spoilers are irritating...

Sören Müller

Aug 28, 2017


Works great on Facebook, but it needs to work on 9GAG!

Samantha Wolf

Aug 27, 2017

Not working?

After testing this on Google search results, Reddit, and Facebook -the places most likely to spoil the show- the extension icon shows that 9 spoilers have been blocked but isn't actually blocking anything. None of the additional words I've entered are being picked up by the extension either. With the season finale tonight this is a pretty critical time for this to be working! :)

Sophie Morrison

Aug 21, 2017

YouTube no longer being blocked


I think a possible UI change for YouTube has caused the extension to not work on the new site. A fix would be epic :)

Dan Smitheram

Aug 21, 2017

Only Works On FB

Currently this extension only works on facebook for me. Great work btw.

Pierre Goyon

Aug 17, 2017


Je viens d'intasller l'application sur mon ordinateur y'aurait il version pour smartphone de disponible également?


Aug 12, 2017

Facebook issue

Thanks for the awesome and speedy support! tried the the new version (1.3.3) and sadly still the same issue on Facebook only. I'll keep you updated if anything changes.

Thanks again

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