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Oliver Sommer

Jul 27, 2023

Limited to 25 listings

Really like this tool. It seems to be limiting me to 25 listings, so many are missed. Is there somewhere to set the amount or continue past 25?

Giovanni Tassini

Sep 12, 2022

it doesn't work anymore

I've scraped just one page and when I want to scrape other pages it doesn't work. please fix it

James Johnson

Jun 9, 2022

Not scraping full 20 map listings on each page

When extracting the data the tool does not extract the full number of businesses on each page, can this be fixed?

shanzay saleem

Jan 23, 2022

Add an other option

Please add emails also .

scott scott

Jan 5, 2022

can not delete

can not delete data ,
if you delete , the data will appear again

Young Dwayne

Sep 28, 2021

if you can increase the column for shop kind? such as outdoor surf shop, hair salon, etc?

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