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Max Lukonin

Apr 23, 2024

Breaking other sites (solution provided)

Works perfectly, but breaks other sites.

.hidden {
visibility: hidden;

This css code is injected into every website, which usually breaks navigation bars etc.
PLEASE use a different class name instead of hidden. hidden is already defined by tailwind which is widely used.

Cookie Doodle

Apr 3, 2023

Change icon when Furiganator is on/off.

Ex.: 10ten's icon changes from a white background to a black one when it's off/on.
Could be useful for this extension too.

Valentia Rachel

Oct 16, 2022

wrong furigana

is there any way to fix wrong furigana? like 二人 is written as ににん instead of ふたり

Tim Cooper

Jun 30, 2022


Great app! Is there any way to get it to work in Google Docs, MS Word 360 or other browser word processors?

Galaxyz Fold2

Jun 25, 2022


Please add on/off toggle feature

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