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Cameron Shaefer

Mar 11, 2021

"Open images in tabs" not working

Clicking on the Open images in tabs link doesn't appear to do anything. I tried changing all the options in the extension but nothing fixed it.

Nefires Di Wilde

Aug 28, 2019

Loading tabs force window into foreground

Loading Tabs forcing window into foreground
For a few weeks there is a little problem with this addon. When I press "open images in tabs" it opens all tabs as usual but normally it was loading all tabs in the background without any problem. But for some weeks now it is pretty frustrating letting all tabs load while I am surfing in another window, because every time a tab loads in the first window (after the delay countdown) it becomes the active window, so it jumps out of the second window I am currently using. Can this be fixed, please? Thanks!

Nefires Di Wilde

May 26, 2019


Thank you very much for fixing the download button error so fast!

Bud Spencer Jr

Aug 17, 2018

windows media center

i can not start windows media center without extender so i downloaded those one. I cannot join FurAffinity Etender to my windows media center. When i try to enter those Extender to Windows Media Center it ask mefor 8digits code but in FurAffinity is no such code.What to do?


Feb 8, 2017

Saving files

Hello,I think the saving files option is back, "Furaffinity downloader", another extension, lets you download whole galleries, and I thought it could be nice to have that included in there too!

Anthony Hester

Apr 17, 2016

Not saving settings, tab delay problem

As of recently the extension is having problems handling my settings.
The timers between "displaying" the opened tabs tend to increase for little to no reason. (For example first tab is 1 second, then 4 seconds, then 8 and so on when it should be 1,2,3,4 or 2,4,6,8)
Removing tick on the box for delays does nothing, tabs continue to open with applied delay.

Luca Montaguti

Sep 10, 2013

HTTP source code analysis...

I'll give you a few ideas that might be interesting but I don't know if they can even be implemented.
1) A "Select all Generic Audience/Mature Content/Adult Content submission" in the New Submissions section to clean up quickly from possibly "unwanted" images.
2) A direct link below the thumbnail to the full Image (for instance below an image with link:
Make appear a link to the complete image inside:
Please note that I know somehow it's possibile to make something like this due to the existence of FA Single Click Download.

I hope you like my suggestion and you'll be able to add some of this functions.
Best regards

Luca Montaguti

Sep 10, 2013

Implement your extension with some help...

I noticed a new application in the Chorme Web Store: FA Single Click Download
You should totally contact it's developer and ask his help to improve the functionality of FA Extender on Chrome.
Would be great to have a direct download button under the thumbnail that work like FA Single Click Download (download directly the full image even from the gallery).
This would improve the management of "New Submissions" section.
Sadly his extension is incomplete too since it doesn't let you chose the path for the image saved. It would be great to save directly ordered by artist in a chosen directory (C:/FA for example) like the "Download" button of FA Extender on Firefox.
Let me know if I haven't been clear enough and feel free to contact me if you are interested in my opinion.

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