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Emily Lippolis

Aug 20, 2022

Was never able to use

I was never sent the licensing key to activate premium.

Alice Grantham

Feb 11, 2022

Extension no longer works

Extension no longer works. Clicking on it, I
- get repeatedly redirected to log in to my google account, even when already logged in
- or, get the "getting ready for take off" but never starting
- or, I get the prompt to upgrade to premium because my trial expired
(I currently have a yearly premium subscription since May 19, 2021 that auto renews)

Is this no longer being supported? I have Chrome 98 running on MacOS Monterey v12

Please advise

John Cardarella (Pandaradox)

Jun 29, 2021

Random Activation

It is seemingly random at the moment, but the dyslexia mode is turning on with various tabs. I've been using Chrome's Tab Groups and closing the whole browser then resuming from where I left off. I have not used Funkify recently so I do not believe any manual activation has somehow persisted between sessions.

Annika Engvall

Jun 23, 2021

Cannot activate my premium account

I have trough my work gotten a license but when I try to update nothing happens. I still got an espired trial version..??
Can you please help?!

Nancy Weitz

Dec 16, 2019

Won't load

I just installed the extension, and when I click the button, it just gives me a loading message "warming up, etc" but never actually loads. I have an up-to-date Chrome browser and Windows 10.

Karen Boyd

Jun 11, 2019

How do I cancel?

I want to cancel my monthly subscription please.

Karen Boyd

May 23, 2019


It is not letting me access the whole app - I can't operate the intensity of the disability and only half of them work for me....can you help? I need it for work on Monday!

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