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Cameron Marshall

Sep 30, 2021

Funimation Fullscreen not working as inteded

Issue I'm having is that Even though it is in Full screen, It doesn't stay in Fullscreen mode when going to the next Video.
I loved the way you could make the screen fit the page. was alot nicer than Fullscreen mode. Would love for that too come back.
What questions do you have?

Jean-Luc Stevens

Sep 25, 2021

Recent Update - 23rd September 2021

Before the update there was a full window mode, where it would fill the browser window rather than fullscreen, largely for easy moving of the window and tab access.
Is this going to be re-added?
That was my sole reason for using this extension.

Cameron Marshall

Sep 25, 2021

Recent Update - 23rd September 2021

Seems that Since the Update You have to leave fullscreen mode too go to the next video.
Is there going to be any fix as I loved your Extension before the recent update?
I'm guessing this is due to Funimation updating there Video App and the new Coding isn't working well with this extension.
Kinda wish Funimation would just Hire you so we can get this Extension as a Fully intergrated part of Funimation.

Terry Keyes

Jul 21, 2021


Do you have a Patreon or something that we can donate to?

Sean Martyn

Mar 7, 2021

Brand New User - Screen Issues

Hi there, thanks for developing this! Just having trouble however with fullscreen mode when I click into the pop-out window. I still get the progress bar and video commands, and title at the top appearing. I just got this laptop and just downloaded Chrome today, so not sure if I need to install the extension differently or what. If you can lend some advice, that would be great! Thanks!!


Sep 14, 2020


is there anyway to get rid of the water mark?

louis phillips

Jun 30, 2020

full screen doesn't work

Hi, am i missing something? The video doesn't stay full screen and i can't find any options. I'll hold off on reviewing as i might be being stupid.
Thank you.

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