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Full screen card view for Trello

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Dra. Carla Paixão

Apr 4, 2024



Gem Taylor

Jun 30, 2021

Fixed font editing feature suggestion

When I use the unformatted code block and edit, it is hard to align the edits because the editor is using proportional font but the display uses fixed font.
Having a way to toggle the edit to fixed font would make that editing so much easier.
Or perhaps it should be fixed font all the time?

Jatin Bhatti

Jun 29, 2021

Breaking sidebar on full card view

It's a good extension I am using since long. But I got some problem of right sidebar break since last week. Right sidebar showing under the comment section. How I can resolve this problem ?

Joseph Chung

Sep 5, 2018

how to activate this extension

hi I'm trying I have downloaded this extension but somehow when I click on it's icon it's not changing the view. Can you help ? Many thanks

Jon Reynolds

Jun 30, 2016

Adjustable Width Option

Perfect extension...but would it be possible to implement a user setting to control width. Say, specify padding or card width? px or %


Daniel Eichar

Feb 25, 2016

Turn on and off

Is there a quick way to toggle this on and off? I have some cards that this works for and it is amazing. But other cards are kinda empty and I would like to turn this off. Perhaps a button on each card to jump to full screen?

Fez Vrasta

Jun 5, 2015

Customizable width?

I'd like to have the page not full screen but, let's say.. 80vw.

I think you could add a preference to let users choose the preferred width.


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