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Tushar Suryawanshi

Aug 18, 2023

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Leo Polak III

Nov 16, 2021

extension spins and times out

This just cropped up recently. I thought maybe was a Chrome update, have updated to v96 today, still happening. Extension starts to process, the wheels turn, but it just times out. Sometimes I get an message that the page is too long and we cancel... but the document would only be 4 total pages of output. We tried doing full uninstall/reinstall of Chrome. Not sure if there's anything technical, any logs maybe, I can check...

Rudolf Balada

Jun 27, 2021

Capturing zoomed pages generates awkward result

I tried to capture page zoomed to 150% and the captured result was bit awkward. Looks like the automated scrolling does not work properly on zoomed pages. I cannot determine if it's Chrome's issue or plugin issue.

Rudolf Balada

Jun 27, 2021

Crop frame type "Select all"

Is it possible to define another crop frame style to automatically i.e. select all and I just do width adjustment of that frame?

Samyam SP

Feb 9, 2021

i am not able to screenshare

i am not able to screen share so that i can continue the test

mdh dil

Dec 18, 2020

i added this to chrome but options are dissabled .?????

i added this to chrome but options are dissabled .?????

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