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Robert Pitts

Sep 23, 2023

Excellent Program

Hi, I like your program, works great, but there are a few things that would make it even better.
1.) List the newest coupons first in the list with adding the date and time added
2.) You have the new coupons showing up in black text and the ones you have clicked on up in a off blue text. My eye sight is not that good and sometimes I miss the new ones. It would be great if you could list them in a brighter colder on the new ones so they stick out
3.) Add a button to load all newly added courses into new tabs, so that you can just click on each tab click enroll then click the next tab and add it and so forth
4.) Add a key word search to automatically open the tab in a new window. I have been collecting Python course. If I set a key word like "Python, Java, JavaScript, Hacking, Wifi" and a python course us newly added it will open a new window with the course. I have seen some courses fill up within minutes and miss out on getting it. Something like this would need a button to enable / disable. Lot of people like me would like it, but others may not so it would be good if it could be turned on and off.

Side Note question
Where do you pull the coupon code from?

Thanks for this great program

Dikla JP

Jan 8, 2023

Stuck on same courses +%

Worked prefectly till a day or two ago. Seems the courses that are any-100% off stopped updating.

Me Miscell

Mar 13, 2022

Doesn't work

Does not load courses that are100% off. only free courses are shown

Clement Hostache

Feb 27, 2022

FC not loading anymore

the FC page is blank, showing no result. Is it blocked by udemy or something ?

S.J. Kahn

Dec 10, 2021

Installation ERROR

Browser Updated to latest. While installing this ext I got this error:
An error has occurred
There was a problem with the download. Please contact the developer or try again later.
Invalid manifest

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