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Rachel Mantell (Glimmermyst)

Apr 17, 2020

stops chrome from opening and running

stops chrome from opening and running

Henry Yip

Dec 20, 2019



i like the extension but can you make an option to check for new stable releases as well? im not interested in the non stable releases, so if the extension has the options, i would uncheck the "check for beta releases" and check "check for stable releases". please let me know what you think, thx

Renaud Perrier

Dec 2, 2016

checking without an end

Hi - The tool is trying to connect to "Latest FreeSMUG Build:" without finishing... No VPN, free access to internet, nothing special. Thanks a lot

Hamza Hilal

Oct 3, 2016

problem in downloading

i can download a fill to update it but it i cant open the file that suppose to do the update, the file has no extension of .exe (something.exe) so it just cant be opend to run at all

Martha Lane

Aug 5, 2016

movie tapes

I can view movies in Facebook

Ext Guru

Jul 30, 2016

Partnership request

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A Chrome Web Store user

May 5, 2016

OK on Mac, but not OK for Linux, or Windows...

Just a minor issue: Works great for Mac as this is for Mac. But with syncing in place for all platforms, on my Linux Box, it tells me Chromium needs updating! And of course, it downloads the *.dmg file for Macs.

Just wondering if the extension could check which platform it is on first before checking for updates? At the moment, it is disabled. I'll enable it on the Mac when I'm there and then disable it again after the daily check.

Many Thanks.

Eberhard “Eber” L.

Apr 13, 2016

Chrome Dev?

Is it possible, to add the check for Dev Version of Chrome?

Gary Hoover

Apr 7, 2016

Doesn't work

It never seems to be able to connect to the FreeSMUG site to report the latest version. All I get in that part of the window is three scrolling dots.

Jacob Buck

Mar 17, 2016

Check you pull-requests

There's an issue where the checker request is being blocked:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'chrome-extension://ccgjmadhdidfloacagcnnodbkedkjedg' is therefore not allowed access.

I noticed there's an open pull-request which resolves this.

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