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Anto Kovacic

Jan 8, 2019

RSS Feed button appeared after I logged out from my account

RSS Feed button appeared after I logged out from my account. Then it worked, and I added it to my rss reader. When logged in, it doesn't appear.

Brian Corrigan

Mar 16, 2018

Isn't working?

I just tried installing this plugin, and I don't see the RSS button. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Yemelyanov

Sep 21, 2017

Extension is not working :(

I have installed the extension but the button hasn;t appeared where it should be.

Pete Kremer

Sep 14, 2017

Is this working?

I just installed this plugin, opened up Freelancer, and then searched for projects... I don't see the RSS Feed button anywhere.

Is this plugin active and/or currently working?

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 9, 2017

it is not working now

it is not working now

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 7, 2017

Перестало работать

Дня 3 не работает,

Zain Ali

May 24, 2017

this isn't working anymore.

the button doesn't appear even after applying all filters. there's a JSON error in browser console.

Adeel Ghazi

Mar 28, 2017

Not working

Is this extension working? I installed it and opened the work page but I cannot see any RSS button.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 28, 2016

The RSS does not appear on Freelancer anymore

A couple days ago my RSS feed stopped receiving feeds from Freelancer. When I go to the Freelancer website and search for jobs, the Jobs Search RSS button does not appear on the website.

What can i do to get this feed up and running again?

Zoey S

May 30, 2016

Extension not working?

I just added the extension and its enabled but the 'options' menu is grayed out. Is this normal?

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