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Azoca Technologies

Aug 19, 2022

Employer Name

Hello, I can't see the employer's name anymore.
What might be the issue?

A2Z Quiz Answers

Jun 14, 2022

Is the extension working? Selecting any criteria to hide employer status does not result in any change.

Was on

Have the extension installed and selected the option to hide a certain country.

Even after refreshing the page, the entries from those countries were still present.

Umesh rohit

Mar 10, 2022

I am not able to see any details

Dear Developer,

I am not able to see any details even after paying the membership fee. Seems like the extension is not working.

Please help me, so I can see the details and continue my work.

Your quick help is highly appreciated.

Thank you,

Emad Khanalizadeh

Nov 18, 2021

Adding a new feature

Is there any chance to add an option for "setting maximum placed bids" as a filter?

ataollah khanalizadeh

Sep 5, 2021

problem with credit card

Hi, credit card menu doesn't work properly and after enter all information page return to first page with PayPal and credit card menu.

KKnk K

Jun 25, 2021

Suggestion for the upgrade.

While we use this extension, we need to refresh the page to filter the newly added projects.

Upwork has a similar extension and it filters the new projects without refreshing.

In a nutshell, we want this extension to filter the new projects when we click the view project button.

Anyway, thanks for making a wonderful and so useful extension. :)

Kazmit H

Jun 20, 2021

Employer money spent

Can you show on the project page how much money total the employer spent on the site? This feature became available for paying users of the website. It would be good if the extension provided this function too.

Наталья Иванова

Apr 28, 2021

Can't login to Account.

I purchased the freelancer helper, but I can't login to on my browser.

emad khanalizadeh

Apr 24, 2021

Not working after last website update

The extension do not work after the last update of

Big Boss

Mar 3, 2021

Freelancer site updated

Hi there.
I like use your extension. It is very helpful for me. Flag function and Client information link...
But not working now.
I think is updated.
So your extension not working.
Could you update the extension?

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