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Lorraine DJun 27, 2019

Finally works!!! It was a bit of a challenge to get it set up properly but it definitely works. After I installed the extension, I had to close my Chrome browser before it was a location option in my calendar. My steps were: 1. Install extension; 2. Close Chrome browser completely; 3. Create Google calendar event; 4. Click "more options" in calendar event; 5. Click "Add" button next to (Under Event Details >>Add Location.) May require you to login in to your FCC account... Show more

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Alton CrooksJan 25, 2019

This does not seem to be working. Please help me to get this to work.

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Nichol JamesNov 28, 2018

This use to work on my desktop and laptop now I can't get it to work on either. Followed all of the instructions and it says its found in the chromestore but when I search for it it doesn't show up. Ive uninstalled it and reinstalled it but nothing changes still can't get it to work.

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Amiee Wilson-GarnierOct 11, 2018

I read the old reviews and I am having the same problem with the new version. It does nothing even if I am in Google Calendar. I followed the instructions as stated on the site:

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All-In TimJul 13, 2018

Feature-rich and very useful as a free application. Paid for version is good, and we use it extensively.

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Ralf FernerJun 17, 2018

Does what it's supposed to do, however stupidly insists filling out the invitation in German - even though I have English language on in, Chrome, Google Calendar and Windows. Support doesn't seem interested to help, bye-bye.

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Tillett for ConnecticutSep 23, 2017

Love the Service but the Google Gadget has screwed up access to my google calendar & when I went to my account & removed access to the calendar now all that it is doing is trying to INSTALL so I still can't access my google calendar even though I keep clicking No I do not want to install the gadget it keeps trying to install anyway - I'm on the phone with one of their customer service reps who is trying to figure out what's going on - Just Do Not Install the Google Gadget to your google calen... Show more

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DeveloperDec 8, 2017

We are sorry that you have problems with the extension. Here is the information that may help: This extension serves two purposes: 1. it detects if native FCC application is installed on your computer or not 2. it helps to schedule meetings in Google Calendar we try to install it every time you join or host because otherwise we don't know if we need to run native FCC application or the web based meeting viewer. I understand that you may have problems with #2. Would you please reach our customer support and insist on escalating this problem to engineers. I am sure we can figure it our. Thank you, Eugene

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Chase JacksonJul 14, 2017

went to google store and dwnloaded the ext...ttl waste of time..dwnlddg ext was np...but when u click on icon...does nothing...

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Emily DixonJun 21, 2017

Did anyone even consider how this product was supposed to work? What the does this extension even do? Says something about downloading and launching a desktop application, but it doesn't do that. Neither their website nor this app listing has a clear link to whatever they want me to have in order to use their product. Think it through, guys.

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DeveloperDec 8, 2017

Hello, The original extension you reviewed only needed to detect if you have our native application installed on your computer or not. When you are hosting a meeting from the wall we need to know if we can just run the application because you already have it or we need to prompt you to download it. The same is when you join a meeting. We need to know if we can run the application or we have to redirect you to the web version of it (i.e. Meeting Viewer) with limited functionality. The good news is that now we added more functionality to it, and it also helps you to schedule meetings in Google Calendar. Thank you, Eugene

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Jack LavenderJun 14, 2017

I have multiple GMail accounts. The extension only works properly on my "first" email account. In my case, that's my personal account. So, even though my FCC account is tied to my business email account it won't activate on the calendar on anything but the first account.

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