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Free VPN For Window 10 Chrome

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This VPN Extension is easy and hassle-free. No registration or email is required. All you need is a simple click the country ip.

When you install the extension simple you need to fill the username and password that is given below:- USERNAME:- Seladnaneren86 PASSWORD:- A2x1CfW Free VPN can be used to bypass filtered or blocked websites that have been blocked by your workplace, government or school. You can also use Free VPN to hide your tracks and/or protect your personal information at public Wi-Fi locations. How to Install Free VPN Extension? - Chrome web store opens and free vpn is typed into the search bar. User Free Vpn Chrome - plugin with free vpn proxy (Server: Free Vpn Chrome) is selected in the incoming search results. - Click Add to Chrome - The extension will be next to Chrome extensions. - Click the List IP button in the small window that opens. - You will see the ip addresses you can use. - When you click on the ip you want, then you need to the username and password that are in above, the VPN will be active. - Open your websites.

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