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Sammy Heather

Jan 1, 2024

foxyproxy standard

this new updated foxy proxy isn't easy to use, why can't we just have the old one proxy standard. that's much better than this new one

Alexander Anderson

Dec 13, 2023

how to get socks5 for surveys

please do you have any recommendation on how to get socks5 for surveys, cheap or not too costly socks for surveys, I have tried a few but they ain't usually good,or gets flagged down by the website.

Antoine Walker

Dec 11, 2023

It doesn't work well

When I click on the Add to Chrome button it gives the error "Download emor: FoxyProxy (extention "goknhkkonlaabhminjanogaaifnjifnp') is noompatible with the Yandex Browser mobile app" What is the problem here? It was working perfectly before I reinstalled the browser and then it started giving this error repeatedly with no solution. Please resolve this outstanding issue

Md Atikqur Rahman

Nov 29, 2023

FroxyProxy still in used after turned it off

I need to disable the froxyproxy from the chrome to fix the proxy issue again. and enable again to use it.

Bogdan Dubylovskyj

Aug 4, 2023

Access error

Extensions in chrome often stop working. It gives the following error

This site can’t be unexpectedly closed the connection.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

Apurva Gawande

Jul 7, 2023

Chrome doesn't work after foxy proxy set up

Chrome doesn't work after foxy proxy set up, please help me in the says no internet connection or check you internet connection though it is fine

Yotam Shippin

Jun 15, 2023

Foxy proxy active even when disabled

Hi, recently I had some issues with my network. and after a quick check I found that Foxy proxy is still enabled on my default VPN, even when I selected 'Disable FoxyProxy' from the extension popup.
( checked using ip-chicken with foxy-proxy disabled, and compared to IP received in incognito mode ).

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