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Sep 28, 2023

Script ou GPO pour activer l'extention sur navigation privée

Avez-vous une solution pour activer automatiquement cet extention en navigation privé ?

Andrew Beaver

Feb 23, 2023

Wifi reconnects block and make it hard to backtrack

I have been having this issue for a while where, this is just my device, the wifi loses connection, so i turn off the wifi and turn it back on again. When the wifi loads the sites, they end up appearing as blocked. The issue here is that they say that the url to the block window is blocked and not the original url is blocked, meaning that i must memorize what the urls of what i was on every time in cas it is stuck saying that the forticlient page is blocked, leaving me with no way to quickly backtrack to it.

Gabee Demee (Camilla the octoling)

Nov 27, 2022

get it off the store.

this shouldnt be a thing, like i understand during school hours, but during after school hours it is ridiculous! get this disgrace of a extension off the store

Diorlis Ayaryth Correa Trompetero (Dior)

Mar 15, 2022


Necesito ingresar a una pagina de trabajo me instalaron esta vpn forticlient me conecta pero no puedo ingresar por chrome

Katheryn Ramirez

Oct 11, 2021

existe forticlient VPN para chrome

buenos dias necesito la app vpn para chrombook

Kabir k

Nov 25, 2020

So annoying

My school has this extension put into our devices it is so annoying and one time i got into trouble just for using vpn i mean can we have our privacy guys jeeez.

Big K

Sep 29, 2020

how do i get rid of dis app

i never wanted it
i hate what type of app is dis


May 12, 2020

delete this "web blocker" from my chromebook

delete this malware from my pc now, it bugged out and is not allowing me to UNINSTALL IT FROM THE BLOODY GOOGLE WEB STORE!

Samuel Swinehart

Feb 5, 2020

unsalitd it for my computer cus it makes it so i can not open docs

unsal it forom my come puter it makes it so i can not open docs

Asa Cook

Feb 3, 2020


Turns out things are ok during school hours. After school, you can't do ANYTHING, but during school it's fine

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