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Mobin Philip

Nov 9, 2020

IAM Policy required for Former2

Hello, I wanted to try out Former2 and i was wondering if someone could tell me what access should be provided via IAM policy.

A json file of the IAM policy would be helpfull .

Kevin Fink

Sep 23, 2020

Error scanning account

When I try to scan my account, I get a pop-up error that says:

Error calling EC2.describeAccessPoints
"The call to the SDK failed. You may need to update the Former2 Helper extension."

I just installed the extension, so I assume it is the latest version. The account credentials I'm using correspond to an admin IAM account (yeah I know, probably should have created a read-only account for this, but...) so should have permissions to call the describeAccessPoints endpoint.


Aug 12, 2020

IAM Policies not captured during Role creation

Hi- Cloudformation template does not capture assigned IAM policies during Role creation. However Boto and CLI output does.

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