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Joe Peltier

Nov 21, 2023

App isn't recognizing that I've paid for subscription

Extension is saying that I'm at the end of the 14-day trial, but I already paid for a year subscription on 11/03

Ron H

Jun 29, 2023

Not seeing paintbrush icon

Hello, I am not seeing a paintbrush icon in google mail, only a letter T with a strikethrough that removes formatting. When I right click this there are no copy or paste options.

Paul Chick

Jun 28, 2023

Format painter for Gmail permissions.

Hi, I would like this tool but am concerned about the extension having access to :-
"Financial and payment information
For example: transactions, credit card numbers, credit ratings, financial statements or payment history"

Can you tell me why this extension needs access to the above and what you do with it?
Many thanks.

Brian Lapidus

May 18, 2023

I cant use the tool

I keep getting "Please fill the required fields" when I click on the extension

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