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Google User (M. B.)May 4, 2024

I noticed a few reviews lately have said this extension works. The date of last update is clearly visible here and it was in 2014. Let me be crystal clear. This extension doesn't work. I don't know why they're saying otherwise. Another extension does, but it's not A+ Font Rendering Enhancer.

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Mikeal SegottaApr 1, 2024

I noticed a couple reviews that said it didn't work on Chrome and hasn't been updated in 10 years. I do not know when it was last updated, however, it works perfectly well in Chrome. I'm using the latest release as of 1-APR-2024 (Version 123.0.6312.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)). Cannot recommend this extension highly enough. When you enable it you won't believe your eyes!

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Бартоломео ле ЯппоFeb 3, 2024

Super! Thank you very match for you work

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Jeff HOct 12, 2023

This was working fine until a Chrome update a few months ago. Now it causes the Chrome Print Preview to hang, take forever to load, and consume 100% of CPU even after canceling the print dialogue. After much troubleshooting, I narrowed it down to this extension. Problem exists when it is enabled, and immediately disappears when it is disabled.

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Dean-Ryan StoneSep 12, 2023

Unexpectedly good results - had always wondered why Mac fonts in Chrome looked better and wished it was the same on Windows. Now it can be. I use a width of 24 and the difference is noticeable and very pleasing to the eye. Thank you for this extension. If possible I'd love to have an additional setting to control pixel-level letter-spacing like the CSS property does, but all good if not possible.

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Damoon ForoutanianApr 2, 2023

I can't really tell the difference of text with or without the extension. What I can notice (after a long troubleshoot to find the source of the problem) is that having this extension active disables YouTube subtitles' character edge style. Whichever style I click, it's not applied to the subs. Now that I disabled this extension, I finally have the character edge style applied to the YouTube subs again. I'll be uninstalling this extension now.

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lee fcMar 3, 2023

text-shadow: transparent 0px 0px 0px, #0009 0px 0px 0px !important;

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J. S. (darkocean)Jan 18, 2023

This works well on the Kiwi mobile browser, maybe because the screen is smaller and it's easier to see the difference it makes. Not so great on a PC browser. And... it tends to not work most of the time in that browser. I'll try it again in Vivaldi on my pc. I'm thinking as another extension doesn't always work maybe if I install a few text darkening (and similar exte.) then maybe that'll help. I bet you anything it's the websites and blog blocking us from using the extensions making it so we... Show more

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GauravOct 16, 2021

Font Rendering Enhancer is very good but it makes certain fonts e.g. emoji from Segoe UI Emoji look bad. The developer should add some "Exclusion list" for certain fonts e.g. emoji fonts so they are not touched at all in the browser.

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niente5Aug 18, 2021

Wonderful extension! It's incredible how much the qualiy of font rendering improved! Google Chrome has this font problem since its birth and no one at Google could solve it. This extension is almost perfect, the only problem is that texts which have "color:transparent" attribute are displayed too, while they should be invisible! Thank you

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