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Tatyana Ter Harutyunyan

Nov 28, 2023


Hello, can you guys make the same tool for TikTok?

Molly Rubin

Oct 23, 2023

Not working when i am paying for a subscription

Hi I was using the free version I was able to see all followers and following then yesterday I got this 0% page so I paid for a PRO subscription as it shows in the right hand corner I tried again this morning and still see 0% under followers and following why is it not working when I have paid for it??

Jessica Paper

Sep 18, 2023

Not loading

I'm trying to load the page but the bar is stuck at 0% no matter who I try. It won't seem to load at all.

Catherine Heher

Aug 23, 2023

Can't Access the Extension

Hi! I downloaded the extension but can't access it. I keep getting re-routed to sign in through google and never get to any of the content. Please assist.

Brad Vuong

Aug 17, 2023

Account not working

Hi there so this extension had been working for me perfectly but just now it stopped working for this one specific account. It works for every other account that i put in except for this one, and i have tried everything. I deleted it and reinstalled it after restarting my mac and even that didn't work. Can you please help me out

Filip Matic

Jun 22, 2023

insta export

When this exports data, what order does it export in? does it export in most interacted or most recent followers/following?

Lolly Watkins

Jun 13, 2023


Hello!! Can you do an update where I can see who doesn't follow me back?
Thanks so much!

Guido Assmann

May 23, 2023

Hitting rate limits


I keep getting a message that I'm hitting the Rate Limit, according to the website this should resolve in 10 minutes, how can I resolve this issue.

Please let me know


Bruce D

Mar 24, 2023

I would like my money back

This program only worked on my office computer and gave me all sorts of problems on my computer. I am very unhappy with my "pro" subscription and need my money back

Amanda Ehrmantraut

Mar 6, 2023

Not working

The extension is not currently working. It just says 0 followers/following for every account i have tried. please resolve this issue!

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