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Chelsea Kingzett

Jul 20, 2022

How to use the extension?

Hi there,

It seems that I can't simply click the extension to get it to work. Is there instructions to use it somewhere please? Every time that I click the extension it links back to the Google Chrome page instead of launching the extension. When I highlight things it doesn't seem to automatically launch the extension either.

It seems like a wonderful accessibility tool! Would love some assistance :)

Thank you,

Juan Carlos Velázquez De León

Sep 7, 2017


How do I uninstall it?

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 12, 2014


Sometimes(about 40% of the time) I lose access to my scrollbar.

To be more specific the page actually seems to not even load more than my screen can show. So it's more likely a problem with the page not loading completely.
This started happening when I installed this extension, and it DOES NOT happen when I disable it.

I don't know the cause for this. It has happened to probably all of the pages I've visited at least once AFAIK.

Catalin David

Jan 16, 2013

Caching problems in GMail

Whenever I try to select text in GMail, it changes to an old email page I was reading with the extension installed. Then, JavaScript seems to be disabled and the page is unresponsive. The only option is to refresh the page. After the refresh, if I select text same thing happens. After a couple of refreshes, the problem goes away temporarily, but it comes back later.

It might be related that I only open my laptop from standby in the morning and in the evening. This is more frequent with GMail since this tab is always open and I imagine that in the desire to get more speed, Chrome does aggressive caching that does not bode well with your extension...

Any help is highly appreciated.

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