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Feb 22, 2023

PIN Entry: Ping Friends, Parents, Etc.

I desire to use the Focus browser extension. I know it requires PIN entry to bypass a website I could need access to. I am a college student, so my roommate would create a PIN. If I set the PIN, I know that I'll end up breaking my focus simply because I have the ability to do so. However, my roommate is not always in my vicinity. She has a girlfriend, a loving family, her own class schedule & commitments, etc. So, I think that Focus should allow users to "Ping" their accountability partner to enter the code when users need it most. I think the Ping should be available via SMS message and email. I think the notification should include a hyperlink which the accountability partner must click on to enter the PIN. I think the that the Ping notification should also include the site which the user is requesting access to. I think that, while the user is generating the Ping, the option to request access to the blocked website for a limited period or for the remainder of the day should exist. Similarly, the user option to create a reason request, sent within the Ping, should exist. I believe these recommendations will help Focus reach more users due to improved extension flexibility, functionality, and practicality.


Jul 7, 2022

domain sites are blocked

Domain (allowed) sites are blocked too. why?

Tanya Chukanova

Mar 31, 2022

Timer doesn't work

Websites aren't blocked after the time limit expires

Vivian V

Nov 2, 2021

Block extensions page

While focus is active, I don't want to be able to change it's permissions (enabled in incognito, or on which sites focus is allowed read / write permissions). If this can be added and the timer works better, it would be a great! Seems like the timer just prevents to open a new tab with the site right now.

Charlotte DeTroy

Nov 1, 2021

Please allow default disable setting

Please allow users to adjust default settings so that our only option isn't for Focus to automatically launch itself anytime a browser is opened. I'd rather Focus remain disabled when I launch my browser, so I can manually enable it when I'm working and I need it, than have to disable it 100% of the time, whether I need it or not. I can't imagine I'm the only one who is quite frustrated with this limitation.

Maceko Oh

Oct 26, 2021

Timer issue

As other users have mentioned, the time limit doesn't work, so a website doesn't get blocked or anything even after time should have already ran out :'0

Trang Luong

Oct 12, 2021

Timer on blocked websites doesn't work

When a timer is set to be on blocked websites, the websites don't get blocked when time is up.

Other than that, this extension is beautiful and helps me so much with concentration. Please fix this one problem. Thank you!

Vishwas Kumar S

Jul 23, 2021

time limit

timer on blocked websites not working after logging in, focus extension does not block website even after set limit is crossed

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