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Kate Russell

Mar 18, 2021

Unresponsive popup

I started to contact you because of an unresponsive popup that said click here to make things happen, which appeared after I used the slider to enlarge my bookmarks (and nothing happened).

Then I restarted Chrome to see if that was what was needed. When I started Chrome again, my Bookmarks bar was completely black and I was unable to click on anything in my GMail account!

Please help!


But when I went

Jamie Burnett

Jan 29, 2021

Folder sync feature

Great app much appreciated, but are you going to fix the folder sync issue? As it stands it is not usable as bookmarks are not in same order when folders exist, so this would be very helpful!


Jul 11, 2020

Is that how your extension is supposed to work?

My guess is your extension is working as designed, however it's unusable to me. ---- It ignores my folders that are on the bookmark bar, and only puts the single bookmarks on your bookmark bar. Once all the single bookmarks are on the bookmark bar, then it starts extracting bookmarks from my folders and putting them on the bookmark bar. It continues to populate your bookmark bar horizontally across the page until it reaches the right margin, then it extracts all the remaining bookmarks from my folders and puts them all in a single column along the right side of the webpage, without any breaks to denote which folder they came from. ----This would be the equivalent of me putting a single folder on the bookmark bar and putting every bookmark I have in that single folder, without grouping them into any sub-folders. That would cause me to have to scroll through hundreds of bookmarks in a single column in an attempt to find the single bookmark I am looking for. ---- I would rather re-train myself to right click on each bookmark and then click on "open in a new tab". That would be a much simpler and quicker method, then trying to find a single bookmark on your menu. ---- The JavaScript tool doesn't work on all URLs, but it might work on enough of them.'URL') ---- I may try exporting all the bookmarks on my Chrome bookmark menu, prefixing the URL with the'???'), and then importing the results back into Chrome. ---- ex.'') ---- Your bookmark bar might work for a few of my most used bookmarks, but otherwise it is fairly useless to me. ---- I don't understand how anyone else would find it useful. Without properly handling of folders on the bookmark bar, how could it be of use to anyone. I suppose it would be perfect for folks that only have half a dozen bookmarks on their bookmark bar. ---- I made the mistake of turning the Chrome bookmark bar off. I was testing a theory at the time. Your instructions say to hover the mouse over the "address bar" to cause your bookmark bar to drop down, but on my PC, your bookmark bar would drop down when I hover over the Chrome bookmark bar. After I removed the Chrome bookmark bar, your bookmark bar did not drop down regardless of where I hovered my mouse. ---- Your bookmark bar did not reappear when I restored the Chrome bookmark bar. ---- Okay, so that's enough testing of your extension. From other comments I read, I was pretty sure it would not meet my needs. Mostly because of the way it handles, or rather, doesn't handle folders. ---- I figured I would give it a shot, because I'm very frustrated when I click on a bookmark and it's opens into a tab that's already in use, instead of opening into a new tab. ---- As I said, I will either have to modify every bookmark with the JavaScript, or just re-train myself to right-click on every bookmark. ---- I really hope you are able to get your extension to deal properly with folders. If you do I'll be back to try it again.

John Phillips

Jul 7, 2020


Is there a way to make it visible all the time

Ron Coyne

Feb 17, 2020

Does Not Work with the JustBlock Antivirus Extension

Bookmark Bar appeared sporadically with JustBlock installed, and when it did, it displayed no bookmarks... just a black bar. Could not isolate which function within JustBlock (assuming there is one; JB does so much) that caused FB not to work.

Greg McGonigal

Jan 8, 2020

Worked...not it's not...also, no folder support

I installed it. It worked. Now it doesn't. I see the icon at the it's installed but mousing into the address bar does nothing. Also before it quit working, it does not appear to support folders. I have folders set up in my bookmarks bar so I can categorize. The folders do not show in your application.....only individual website. Fix that and I'll be a fan

Debra Weeks

Jan 3, 2020

Making Font Size Larger

Hi, I'd like to make the font size larger and while I increase the font size in your extension, it doesn't increase the size. what I notice, is there is another bar added beneath the tool bar and bookmarks are appearing there in alphabetical order. so i'm a bit confused. Also what does a "hover" color mean?

Richard Hyman

Oct 16, 2019


no place to edit options. with bookmarks appearing at left edge with mouse hovering, can't get to a radio button on the far left of the page.


Oct 8, 2019

No bookmarks showing

This sounds like what we've been looking for, especially being able to have bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar open to a new tab with a simple, one click, left click, but after install, the bar drops and shows, but not a single bookmark showing, why? How do you get it to recognize and show the current bookmarks? Thanks


Sep 22, 2019

doesn't work

the bookmarks don't dropdown if "Always show bookmarks" is not selected. The bookmarks never hide if "Always show bookmarks" is selected.
Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OSX 10.12.6

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