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Jordan Pelletier

Aug 7, 2023

Free Trial

I have taken the free trial but do not want the service come the end of the week.

What do I have to do to insure that I will not be charged at the end of the trial?

Is it as simple as removing the extension from chrome?

Michelle Cuevas

Feb 28, 2023

how it works

hello i do not know how to use it

Michael D

Jan 20, 2023

Literal Translation

I am using your plugin to increase my vocabulary in Spanish as I find myself using the French word and it is often not correct. The other day there was a sentence about how the packages ship. The translation was for a large boat. I knew this was not correct, but there is no easy way to flag it.

Michael Harris

Jan 18, 2023

Gendered nouns

It's a drag not knowing the gender of a new noun. It would be really nice if it was shown.

Dasha Valkyrie

Jul 8, 2022

Multiple languages: Glitch?

I am one of the first users of Fluent. I have Fluent set to French and I've triple checked that. Since the new version appeared I've noticed Fluent often asks me to type in Italian or Spanish, and it will give words in either of those languages as the multiple choice answers. It's very confusing. Is there a glitch that is showing all three languages in tests? Or is this intentional? Or is it an error on my end I need to correct?

Drewry Pope

Feb 2, 2022

Bad Interactions With Dark Mode Readers

The links which have tests in them keep breaking and i see the english and spanish words both. The other ones work fine. It's really affecting me, turning off dark mode settings is a non-starter. If you could look into alternate ways to hide the original text or maybe offer ways to change colors or not break on that somehow I would really appreciate it.

Cousin Putnam

Jul 20, 2021

Choose only one language?

I've discovered this while using a borrowed computer, so I can't try it yet on my own. Do I have to choose between Spanish or French? I'm trying to refresh my French and also expand my Spanish. Is there a way to toggle between languages or easily change which one is showing during a period of use? (And like the Mandarin user, I'm open to other languages when you are ready ;) I'm particularly ready for Korean myself, lol)

Kevin Marlow

Aug 17, 2020

No sound

Hello, I am trying your extension now. I went through the setup and enabled permission to view websites. Now, when I see a french word injected, I hover and try to play the sound, but no sound plays.

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