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Focus Last Selected Tab :: Provides natural / MRU tab ordering + Options for Tab Flipping, New Tab Select, and New Tab Location

Please Read the entire Overview section Before any Install or Update ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Make any Donation: * Visit the developer Website (click the house icon to the right) * (OR) Load one of these pages: https://goo.gl/W2Co6 https://www.buymeacoffee.com/FLST ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FLST Chrome summary: * Provides a more natural / MRU style tab ordering * Focus-Last-Selected-Tab: when the current/displayed tab is closed, display the most recent tab * Multiple window support: tab ordering is maintained for each window * Tab Migration: ordering also works when tabs are dragged between windows * Options Page: right-click the extension icon and click Options (see icon Instructions below) * [Option] Tab Flipping: flip/toggle the current and most recent tab (!see LIMITATIONS below!) ==> After right-click on a regular link and click Open-link-in-new-tab: * [Option] New Tabs: select/display new tabs when created * [Option] New Tab Location: place new tabs on the far-right instead of immediate-right ==> See the developer Website for more details (click the house icon, above to the right) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FLST Rev 2.1 release notes: * Requires Chrome 88 or later versions supporting Manifest V2 * No special permissions, no [scary] Warning messages * Updated to work with newer Chrome versions that caused older extension quirks * Some older Chrome services are due for removal; now using replacement services * Older Chrome support for F9/content_script was always incomplete, now gone * Tab Flipping: click the extension icon -OR- type a shortcut (to customize, see Instructions below) * Extension icon: NOT displayed? forced by newer Chrome versions, see Instructions below - ALERT! Google announced Chrome Manifest V3; many extensions will not load and may not return after Manifest V2 is dropped, estimated Jan 2022 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LIMITATIONS: * When the current/displayed tab is clicked, Chrome ignores that event and does nothing; other methods to trigger Tab-Flipping are required; click the extension icon or type a shortcut (to customize, see Instructions below; also provided during install) * All extensions cannot prevent other extensions from altering tab-related activity; to resolve any issues, see test Instructions below ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Privacy: * No spyware; FLST reads only numeric window-IDs and tab-IDs (eg 111, 14, 79) * If any concerns: Read the extension code. Use the source, Luke. =================================================================================================== Instructions, display the extension icon: - icon display was turned off by default in recent Chrome versions, no extension control * Click the jigsaw icon near the upper-right corner of the Chrome window * Within the Extensions popup, find [icon] FLST Chrome, scroll if needed * Click the pin icon to the right, should switch from outline to solid * Extension icon should now be visible, left of the jigsaw icon * For placement: drag the new icon left or right ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions, customize shortcuts: (2 methods) * Right-click the extension icon, click Keyboard shortcuts * (OR) paste this URL to the omnibox / address bar: chrome://extensions/shortcuts ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions, something not working as expected? * Visit the developer Website, read all sections * Disable all other extensions, quit and restart Chrome, then retest; re-enable other extensions only 1 at a time between tests. See LIMITATIONS above ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions / Requests: * This google site is not tech support, do not post here * Visit the developer Website, send email * To visit: scroll from the top of this page, click the house icon on the right * (OR) right-click the extension icon, click FLST Chrome ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tell a friend about Google Chrome

4.0 out of 540 ratings

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esgalmirDec 18, 2023

very strange extension, in many ways, besides can't get it to work on Edge at all

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Tidy RoachJan 22, 2023

Can't live without it. Seriously xD

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Ronald HarveyJan 3, 2023

Thank you thank you thank you for making an extension that actually does what I - ME ME ME, not Google and not other developers - want my tabs to do! 1) open new tabs/links/ to the right of the existing tab; 2) open links from other applications to a new far right tab; 3) use "+" to open new tab to the far right; 4) close tab returns to the last opened tab. THANK YOU!


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